James Haire

“How Many Kisses” was part of a commissioned work for the Village of Northbrook, Illinois for their 2001 centennial.  I had seen a sculpture of a little girl jumping rope by a woman in a booth close to me at a sculpture show.  I really liked the idea and the work; however, one thing bothered me about her sculpture.  The little girl in the sculpture had both feet on the ground and the rope above her head.  I decided if I ever sculpted a jump rope piece the child would be at least partially off the ground.  When I did the commission for Northbrook one of the sculptures was to represent the 50’s show I decided to do a jump rope piece.  The girls in my neighborhood growing up would always chant rhymes as they jumped rope, “Billy and Mary went on a date how many kisses did she get”, then Mary would begin to jump rope picking up the pace until she missed and the other girls would tease her about her date with Billy, of course they were young girls none of whom had ever been on a date yet much less kissed.

Fort Collins, Colorado


Enchantment of Reading - 2018

Twist in Time - 2017


How Many Kisses - 2016

I enjoy a challenge. I delighted in the challenge of creating a sculpture with a 100 lb girl suspended above the ground. How Many Kisses celebrates the joys of youth and the suspension of gravity.

For Which it Stands - 2016

Let Freedom Ring - 2015

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