Gary Hovey

Gary Hovey began metalworking in a fine art foundry in 1981 where he became the head of the metal shop. Following this he gained years of experience as a skilled welder and metal fabricator. Since 2004 Gary has been shaping forks, knives, and spoons into realistic forms and calling them Hoveyware. Hovey + Flatware = Hoveyware. This chapter of his art career began ten years after the onset of Parkinson's disease. "Since I can't work a regular job anymore, making my art gives me purpose. I want my story to inspire others to look for what they can do despite what has happened to them.” Gary has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions. At local, regional, and multi-state shows he has won many honors including best of show, first place, and people's choice awards. His sculptures can be seen at and at Gallery 2:ten, Sidney,Ohio. Commissions are accepted. Gary lives in rural New Knoxville, Ohio with his wife, Tonnie. 

The Neighborhood is a tree where all sorts of animals hang out. Some use it for shelter, some for food, and some just for fun. In the neighborhood today, you can find an owl, a bird with a nest, a squirrel, a raccoon, and 3 bunnies. You will have to look hard for two of the bunnies. Hint: look at the patterns of the flatware. There are eggs in the nest but you would have to be very tall to see them! The tree is hollow and it is made of over 500 spoons and many knives. Stainless steel forks, knives, and spoons plus some stainless steel welding wire are the only materials used to make The Neighborhood. It took three months to produce this piece. Much of the flatware was sent to Gary by his dad, Bob Hovey, from Kansas. Bob went to flea markets and garage sales collecting forks, knives, and spoons to send to Gary in flat rate boxes. Although Bob passed away over a year ago, Gary still has a ton(literally) of flatware stored up. The way it reflects the street lights at night make it look like it has twinkle lights. Gary will never make something bigger. It had to be cut up to get it out of his workshop.

Here's my story: When I was 19 or 20 years old, I saw some outdoor sculptures in Wichita, Kansas made out of chrome car bumpers. I thought, at the time, that a person could do indoor sculptures out of flatware, but I didn’t know how to weld. Eventually I did get trained in welding and, in January 2004, I made my first flatware sculpture: a running dog. Although many in his situation would have shied away from an activity that has physical demands, Gary began this chapter of his art career ten years after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. "Since I can't work a regular job anymore, making my art gives me something to look forward to; a reason to get up in the morning. Because of my art I have met many people that say my art makes them happy and I have made some wonderful friends. I want my story to help other people in bad situations to look for what they can do instead of what has happened to them." Gary & his wife Tonnie live in rural New Knoxville, OH. They have 4 grown children – all of them work as artists on some level.

New Knoxville, Ohio


Under Construction - 2018

Bear Lee, Standing - 2017

Whoo's Hungry - 2017

The Neighborhood - 2016

“Trees provide shelter, food, entertainment, beauty, and so much more. They are amazing living organisms that are a whole neighborhood for wildlife while being vital parts of our neighborhoods.”

Ol' Tom - 2015

Resilience - 2015

Here we see strength and agility embodied in a species bounced back from the brink of extinction to flourish again in the American wild. This life-size bald eagle has a wing-span of 6’ 4”. Each wing consists of over 150 knives, 100 spoons, and 50 forks.

Girlilla and Tiney - 2014

Hound Dog - 2014

Hound Dog - 2013

Guardian - 2013

The Stealthy Heron - 2013

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