Craig Snyder

I love the concept of art. It’s not something we need to survive like food and water, but yet we are driven to make it. My particular muse sings the song of steel. Heat, bend and transform from pedestrian material to something unique, thoughtful and, possibly, thought provoking – that’s art. 

I’m a Web Developer by profession working with pixels and programs in a digital world on a daily basis. Making sculpture is my spiritual lifeline and allows me to work on something solid and real. Something I can stand next to and walk around. I love the interactive environments our society has constructed, but creating with steel, copper and brass keeps me grounded and real. 

I prefer to work in the abstract. I like creating a piece and asking, “What do you see? What does it mean to you?” I’ve learned that perspective is infinitely varied and intensely personal. Despite many of our common references – colors, shapes, time – we each experience life with our own unique viewpoint.

Plymouth, Minnesota


River Run - 2018

Titanic Bonsai - 2017

Big Red Dice - 2016

Dice are fun. For many, dice mean gambling. It’s much more personal for me. I’ve spent hours playing dice games with my family. And many, many more hours during role-playing games with my friends. Games where the roll of the dice meant life or death for our alter egos.

Sweet Pops of Brilliance - 2016

Azure Cascades - 2016

Agitated Avians - 2015

A Kid's Favorite - 2015

Cube Farmer - 2014

Xuberant - 2014

Family Tie on the Sofa - 2013

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